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Essex Active (a service brand of Essex Brownell) is a leading converter/fabricator of electronic parts and electrical insulating materials in North America, which includes both flexible and rigid nonmetallic products.  Essex Active is dedicated to a leadership position in formed wedge production, offering a complete range of materials, shapes and sizes.   View our wedge chart online!  If you would like to sample Essex Active wedges, email us your most common wedge size and we would be happy to send you a tube of samples.  


Essex Active has served the electrical/electronic markets for over 50 years, is a UL recognized fabricator and is ISO 9001 : 2008.  Essex Active also specializes in the Power Generation industry offering stator insulation kits, end wind kits, conforming materials, custom coated materials, die cuts, rotor insulation kits, slot cell insulation, turn insulation, tension members, and much more. To learn more about power generation offerings call 518-858-8455 or email us today.


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