LS Cable Supplier Image

Faster, smaller and safer, LS Cable is a leading wire and cable solution provider. LS Cable offers cables and modules used in industrial equipment, electronics, automotive, airplanes, factory automation and military defense equipment. LS Cable's solutions are heat resistant, flame retardant, highly flexible, halogen free and of high mechanical strength making their products superior in terms of both functionality and friendly to the environment.

LS Cable is a prime manufacturer of heat shrinkable tubing. This type of tubing "remembers" its original shape when heat is applied and sticks to its target in order to provide insulation to identify cores and prevent corrosion.

Along with the launch of a 300A high-voltage connector, a core component used in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), LS Cable plans to expand their portfolio into markets where high voltage, high current connectors are required. These markets include heavy industrial equipment, vessels and plants.

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