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Electro-Static Technology-ITW is a global manufacturer and designer of Static Control Devices, AEGIS™ SGR Bearing Protection Rings for original equipment manufacturer's (OEM's). The AEGIS™ SGR diverts harmful shaft currents away from the motor bearings to ground, protects VFD driven motors and prevents bearing fluting failure. EST specializes in mitigating static charges, induced voltages and random discharges on rotating shafts, moving surfaces and in all types of manufacturing equipment and machines. Design and application engineering are available to facilitate proper implementation of static control devices.

Electro-Static Technology's newest conductive epoxy mounting is ideal for field installations and eliminates the need for drilling and tapping into the motor end bell. The AEGIS™ SVP measures shaft voltages and helps identify harmful bearing currents. The AEGIS™ SGR shaft grounding ring dramatically extends bearing and motor life and increases system reliability by diverting shaft currents to ground. This technology is maintenance-free and provides proven bearing protection from electrical bearing "fluting" damage.

AEGIS™ SVP Shaft Voltage Probe- Conductive Microfiber Probe for use with AEMC Instruments Oscilloscope

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